USM is pleased to announce we have teamed up with Marion Mixers Inc., to apply our Caden Weld Technology to the paddles used in their horizontal mulch machines.  Testing is underway and formal performance reports will be forthcoming. According to Greg Stover, Director of Sales & Marketing, early testing is going well, with the Caden Edge applied parts outlasting the standard parts several times over.  Greg goes on to state, “The marketplace has evolved to the point where we want to improve every aspect of our machines to stay competitive.  The work you (USM) did is a significant improvement.”  Marion Mixers Inc. is located in Marion, Iowa and has been in business for 74 years servicing customers and clients in over 70 countries.
As USM teams with industry leaders to extend the life of wear applications in the environmental, agricultural, and industrial markets we will set new standards in carbide applications using our unique “Caden Edge.”