A new sweep with 5/16” Max Life Carbide Edge.  University testing and four years of field tests at higher speeds have proven the Max Life Carbide Edge will extend the useful life of your sweeps up to 300% or more depending on your field conditions, tillage speed, and depth.

Plow Sweep

  • 200,000 Units in the Field
  • 100% Positive Feedback
  • Ideal for Wheel Track and Front Row Use
  • Up to 300% or More Life Extension with Little or NO Downtime
  • Better Seed Bed Preparation
  • Greater Weed Control
  • Best Life Extension Application on the Market




The photo below compares the Max Life Carbide Edge (middle) with a new sweep (left) and an uncoated sweep (right) after 1,450 acres.

Plow Sweep compare

 The above photo shows a sweep with the Max Life Carbide Edge after 2,000+ acres.


7″ USM-BTT Sweep 5/16″ Thick Bolt On

047-PWV-070803 (Max Life Carbide Edge Applied) Sale Price: $20.30

047-PWV-0708 (No Weld/Plain) Sale Price: $14.10

Dealers please call 800-800-1812 for Dealer Pricing

USM BTT Sweep with WeldUSM Btt 7 Inch Sweep





9″ USM-BTT Sweep 1/4″ Thick Bolt On

047-PWV-0904 (Max Life Carbide Edge Applied) Sale Price: $19.20

047-PWV-0900 (No Weld/Plain) Sale Price: $11.75

Dealers please call 800-800-1812 for Dealer Pricing

USM BTT Sweep 9 inch BothUSM BTT 9 inch Sweep Quarter Inch Thick Showing Weld


9″ USM-BTT Sweep 5/16″ Thick Bolt On

047-PWV-09083 (Max Life Carbide Edge Applied) Sale Price: $21.70

047-PWV-0908 (No Weld/Plain) Sale Price: $14.25

Dealers please call 800-800-1812 for Dealer Pricing

 USM BTT 9 inch Thick Showing WeldUSM BTT 9 Inch 5/16 Thick Both


 For Caden Edge applications for John Deere products visit:




Max Life Carbide Edge Application is patented CADEN Edge Technology

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