Agricultural Applications

USM uses proprietary technology to infuse tungsten carbide into tillage tools giving them the most wear resistant edges possible.
University testing and four years of field tests consistently show that the CADEN Edge triples, on average, the useful life of a sweep.  In tough conditions the CADEN Edge’s advantage is greater.

For twenty years USM Wear Tech has been the industry leader for wear parts.  We cut our teeth developing tungsten carbide coatings that withstand hours of grinding wood, construction debris, and landfill waste.  Our process easily stands up to the conditions in your field.

Want to learn more about Caden Edge Carbide Application on Tillage Tools?

Bring your rippers and sweeps to us and we can hard-surface them for 3 times (or more) wear life!

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Plow Sweeps

  • Over 20,000 units in the field
  • 100% Positive Feedback
  • Idead for Wheel Track & Front Row Use
  • Upto 300% or More Life Extension with Little or NO Downtime
  • Better Seed Bed Preparation
  • Greater Weed Control
  • Best Life Extension Application on the Market

The photo above compares the Max Life Carbide Edge (middle) with a new sweep (left) and an uncoated sweep (right) after 1,450 acres.

The photo above compares the BTT Ripper point with 0″, 7″ and 12″ wing attachments.

Ripper Points

  • Our ripper point protection is highly effective. Through extensive field tests we’ve proven that protecting the leading edge protects the entire point from wear. Additionally, protecting just the leading edge reduces the cost since less tungsten carbide is required. The CADEN Edge can be applied to most manufacturers’ ripper point.

0" USM-BTT Ripper Bolt-On

7" BTT Ripper Bolt-On

12" BTT Ripper Bolt-On

Other Applications

  • Seed Openers
  • Anhydrous Knives
  • Mower Blades
  • Stalk Cutters
  • Harrow Tines

Now Available – Caden Edge XL

Caden Edge Carbide Applied to the Sweep Shank for Extra Wear Protection For Caden Edge applications for John Deere products visit: